The Vault Nail Supply Co.

About Us

Hi! My name is Arianne Thomas, everyone calls me Anna. I?m a mom of 4 boys, who support me and help me in every way. I?m proud to be their Mom! I moved to Logan almost 4 years ago, from Carbon County and I have loved learning about the area and becoming a part of the community in Cache Valley!
I?ve been a nail tech for 10 years now. I?m passionate about the beauty industry, specifically Nails. It?s always been my dream to own and operate a nail supply store. I?ve always been extremely interested in all products involving nails and love to share my passion for all the things! Here in Logan, we don?t have access to the products that we use and love, so it?s my goal to make that a reality. We have such a large community of beauty professionals in our area, and my dream and goal is to supply the demand! I am a huge supporter of women kicking butt in the business world! At The Vault Nail Supply Co. we want to offer licensed professionals and students in the beauty industry the best and most loved products on the market so they can easily supply their business and support their dreams and goals.
Thank you! ♥️