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If you have been trying to rank higher in search engines, you owe it to yourself, and your business, to use our service to help you rank in half the time. Our services have helped companies from insurance to electrical to mechanics and clothing companies.

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Get 10% off initial design consultation -or- 10% off first site visit.

Chamber Members qualify for a very special Group Rate on LegalShield services!

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Receive a complimentary review of legal issues that may be affecting your business.

Law Office of Daniel K. Dygert, Esq. - Logan

Yes, great first impression makes a difference, but a well thought out phone system can drive customer awareness and product sales. A poor-quality phone system creates confused unhappy customers. Customers who don’t feel like their time or business is a priority. Customers who turn to easier avenues. Contact me today for help with all your phone system needs.

Is your current phone system costing you clients and up-sale opportunities?

We help Chamber members with a better retirement for employees by making it easier for employers by offering an easy to administer 401k solution that is cost competitive, minimizes fiduciary liability, compliant, and teams with well-known national providers.

Low Administration, Low Fees with Group Pricing

Receive free business handsets and free installation/activation when you activate 10 or more cloud phone extensions. Let us come to your office and demonstrate how we can improve your telecommunications functionality, provide you with new leading edge equipment and software.

Upgrade your Office Telecommunications with Free Phones

At the completion of this complimentary network assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report showing the devices on your network and the applications they are running. Our assessment will provide you with a roadmap to maintain your computers and network equipment in optimal condition to support your business. The assessment will provide you with tools to simplify your network management and allow you to focus on the most productive use of your time.

Complimentary Business Network Assessment

Contact Checketts Amusements for your company parties!

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